Download Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal w/ Shuaib Arnaut’s Research Full PDF

Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal with Shuaib Arnaut Tahqeeq Full PDF in Arabic

Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal is a collection of Hadith collected by the Islamic scholar Ahmad ibn Hanbal, to whom the Hanbali fiqh (legislation) is attributed. it contains around 30 thousands ahadith, including sahih, weak and only a “few” fabrications(around 9-10 maybe)

As for the Sunan, they are arranged according to topics of Islamic jurisprudence, Seerah, [Biography of the prophet] Tafsir Explanation and commentary of Quranic verses] and other subjects, such as the Sunan of At-Tirmidhi, the Sunan of Abu Dawood, the Sunan of An-Nasai, the Sunan of bin Majah and similar to them is Al-Jami As-Sahih by Al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim [Ahmed bin Hanbal, by Abdul Ghani Ad Daqr, p-40]

Al-Haafiz al-Iraqi r.a said:

With regard to the presence of da‘eef (weak) hadiths in it, that is certain; in fact it even contains some mawdoo‘ (fabricated) hadiths.

at-Taqyeed wa’l-Eedaah (p. 57)

Imam adh-Dhahabi r.a said:

It contains a few hadiths that may be fabricated, but they are like a drop in the ocean.

Siyar A ‘laam an-Nubala’ (11/329)

Abdullah bin Ahmad bin Hanbal said: “I said to my father: Why do you dislike the writing of books, when you have made Al-Musnad?” He said: “I made this book as an Imaam, so that if the people disagree regarding the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, they may refer to it. [Khasa is al Musnad, p-2]

The one i’m posting here comes with full Tahqeeq/research from great hadith masters i.e Shuaib Arnaut. this research doesnt have any english translation available as of now, but there’s like some 5-8% of the Musnad Ahmad is available in english and can also be downloaded from google play store.

this link given below contains 38 volumes but this research has 50 volumes, this means only 38 volumes can be found on internet and 12 need to be uploaded. if you can upload them then please upload so other people can take benefit from it. 

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