Ibrahim Nakhai’s Mursal Narrations are Sahih near Jumhur Muhadditheen

In this post we shall research Imam Ibrahim Nakhai’s Maraseel/Mursal Narrations and see are they considered sahih or weak according to the majority / jumhur of muhadditheen?

1. Imam Yahya ibn Maeen 233H r.a states:

Ibrahim Nakhai’s Maraseel are Sahih(authentic) except for Hadith of Dahak in Salah & Hadith of Tajir Al Bahrain.

Reference: Tarikh Yahya Ibn Maeen num958 narrated by his student Ad Doori

Ibrahim nakhai mursal are sahih

It is mentioned is Tarikh Yahya ibn Maeen narrated by Ibn Mahruz:

Mursal narrations of Ibrahim Nakhai are more Sahih/Authenthic tha(the ones) narrated by Hassan Basri and Sa’eed bin al Musayyab r.a

Referece: Tarikh yahya ibn maeen Ibn Mahruz vol1 page 120

Above two quotes prove that yahya ibn maeen r.a considered ibrahim’s maraseel as sahih.

2. Imam Abdul Haqq Ishbeeli 581H

After narrating one of the maraseel of Ibrahim Nakhai he stated the saying of yahya ibn maeen and this proves that he also considered them Sahih. for more info one can directly check his book, i am giving the ref.

Reference: Ahkam Al Wasti vol1 page 132

3. Imam Al Hafiz Ibn Syed Un Naas 734H

Just like Imam Abdul Haqq, he narrated one of his Maraseel and then mentioned the saying of Imam yahya ibn maeen, he considered them Sahih as well.

Reference: an Nafah Ash Shazi Shrah Jami At Tirmizi vol 1 page 177

4. Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal 241H states:

He states that there’s no harm in Ibrahim’s Maraseel(plural of mursal).

Reference: Kitab al M’arifa wa Tarikh 239 chain of narration is SAHIH.

5. Abu Umar Ibn Abdul Barr 463H states:

He states ” all those who are known for narrating from THIQA only, then their narrations with Tadlees and their Mursal narration are MAQBOOL/sahih. That is why Mursal narrations of Sa’eed ibn al musayyab, Ibnrahim Nakhai and Muhammad ibn seeren are authentic near Muhadditheen

Reference: At Tamheed vol1 page 30 – Al Istizkaar vol8 page 13 

This proves that he ONLY narrates from Thiqa, his Tadlees is accepted and his Maraseel are also accepted as SAHIH.

It is also mentioned in Al Isitzkaar vol6 page 137 that ” there’s IJMA of muhadditheen on Maraseel of Ibrahim Nakhai being SAHIH”

Ibn Taimmiya writes in Al Iqtida Al Sirat Al Mustaqeem vol2 page 350:

La Yarsul Illa an thiqah ka saeed ibn al musayyab, ibrahim nakhai, muhammad ibn seeren.
also check Jami At Tahseel page 68-69 of Hafiz Salahuddin Alaai 761H .

6. Imam Yahya ibn Sa’eed Al Qittan states:

He states ” no doubt that Ibrahim Nakhai’s maraseel coming from Abdullah ibn Masu’d & Umar are ALL SAHIH in totality & his Mursal are more stronger1 than his Musnad narrations.

Referece: At Tahmeed vol15 page 94

7. Imam Tirmizi 279H

Imam Tirmizi mentions in his famous Tirmizi Shareef and on that Imam Ibn Raja Hanbali 795H writes in its Shrah:

Ibrahim Nakhai this saying proves that his Maraseel are more stronger than his Musnads. ” but then after this he has also clarified one thing that this saying is only applied to his Maraseel coming from Abdullah ibn masud r.a

Refernce: Shrah Ilal Tirmizi page 542

8. Imam Dhahabi r.a states:

he writes “if the Mursal’s chain of narration reaches authentically to the Matosat(متو سط)Taba’ee like the Mursals of Mujahid, Ibrahim or Sh’obi then they are stronger and there’s no harm in them.” 

Reference: Al Mo’qizzah page 40

9. Ibn Taimmiya’s position

In his Majmo Al Fatawa vol31 page 353 he states: no doubt that Maraseel of Ibrahim Nakhai are from the best Maraseel. he also states that his Maraseel are strong and great. ref: Al Sarim al Maslool

10. Hafiz ibn Qayyim

He not only takes his Maraseel as Sahih he also answered the objection of Ibn Hazm check Zaad al Mu’ad vol5 page 580

11. Imam Abu Dawood

He gave preference to maraseel of ibrahim nakhai over the maraseel of Abu Ishaq Sabi’ee.

Reference: Akmal tahzeeb ul Kamaal of Imam Mughlatai r.a vol1 page 320

In light of all of this we can now surely say that his Maraseel are stronger and considered as SAHIH near majority of Muhadditheen. I hope students of knowledge will find this post beneficial please pray for me so I can write more Jazak Allah Khayra. to save time, I didnt bother posting all of the scans pages but you can easily find them by using Shamela Library or Waqfeya.

  1. in terms of Hadith grading

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