Imam Ali Bin Madeeni called Imam Abu Hanifa ‘THIQA’ – Ilm Jarh Wa Tadeel

In this post we shall be looking at one of the greatest Imam of Jarh wa tadeel, Imam Ali Bin Madeeni H234, as he considered Imam Al Adham Abu Hanifa r.a THIQA in hadith narrations. this also includes refutation of Ghair Muqallids(non mazhabi) who give jarrah of ali bin al madeeni and some other objections as well.

Imam Ibn Abdul Barr r.a states:

Imam Hasan Bin Ali Al Halwani1 242H states that Shababa Bin Sawaar 206H2 narrated to me that:

Imam Sh’oba 160H ” used to take Imam Abu Hanifa in high regards(It’s Tawtheeq) Then Imam Sh’oba praised Abu hanifa and said some verses in his praise.”

Soon after that Hafiz Hasan Bin Ali Halwani states that(my teacher)Imam Ali Bin Al Madeeni3 234H said to me that: Imams Sufyan Thawri, Abdullah ibn Mubarak, Hammad bin zayd, Haysham bin Basheer, Waki bin al jarrah, ‘Ibad bin Al Awwam and J’afar bin ‘Own have narrated from Imam Abu Hanifa and there’s no harm in him(abu hanifa). La Ba’asa Bihi.

It proves that he considered him a THIQA narrator.

Reference: Jami Bayan Al Ilm wa Fadaila Vol2 Page 1083

What if someone says that this narration doesnt have any chain of narration? then our answer would be:

Imam Ali Bin Al Madeeni’s saying is recorded by his direct student Hasan Bin Ali Halwani and Imam ibn abdul barr r.a has taken this narration directly from Al Halwani’s book known as Kitab Al M’arifa. Imam Ibn abdul barr has taken many things from Kitab al marifa and many times he also gives the reference to his book i.e check Jami Bayan al Ilm vol1 page 338 etc .

NOTE:!! must read below as well!

there’s one more thing we should clarify while we are at it. There’s something in Tarikh Al Baghdad of Al Khatib that needs clarifications. There’s a Jarrah reported from same Ali bin al madeeni in tarikh al baghdad:

Ali bin al madeeni says that Imam abu hanifa has erred in 150 Ahadith.(Tarikh baghdad vol13 page 422)

Our answer to this jarrah is:

In this chain of narration, abdullah bin ali bin al madeeni is present and his Tarjuma/Bio is mentioned in tarikh al baghdad but Khateeb didnt mention any Tawtheeq or any Jarrah on him.(vol10 page 9)

But some misguided may try to bring the statement of Ibn Hajar Asqalani r.a from his Talkhees Ul Habeer vol1 page 443 and our answer to that is:

Ibn Hajar Asqalani r.a merely gave Tarjeeh(preference) to his weak narration over other weak narrator’s weak narration ONLY, he never said that he is Thiqa

What does all of this mean?

In simple words above mentioned things simply mean that his narration will be preferred only if he doesnt narrate any thing against Thiqa narrators and if he does narrate any any thing against Thiqa narrators then his narration(s) will be discarded. In Usool books this known as Mukhalifat-e-Thiqa or narrating against Awthaq.

Above information proves that Abdullah bin ali al madeeni narrated against a Thiqa,Thabt narrator Hassan bin ali al hawlani therefore his narration that abu hanifa erred in 150 ahadith is outrightly discarded.

If you still dont understand it, then stop here(don’t think of anything) and go read books on Ilm ar rijaal.

  1. Thiqa,Thabt,Hafiz,Hujjat,Author Taqreeb 1262, Al Kashif etc
  2. Thiqa,thabt Taqreeb 2733
  3. Tehzeeb Ul Kamal vol2

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