Refuting IslamQA & Albaani Window On Prophet’s Grave Hadith Research

Yo. long time no see. recently a prominent Islamic scholar who loves everyone, posted a beautiful incident that happened after Prophet sallallaho aleh wasallam passed away and His that post attracted all the Wahhabi / Salafi Biddatis Kharjis of our time and they, like usual started barking on the narration and some went so far they started to claim that the story is fabricated. LOL. I saw most of the people copying and pasting a short article written on this deviant website => Here, Biddati’s WebsiteBut little did they know, Albaani was NOT a muhaddith, he was a Biddati. You should read my previous articles.

In Shaa Allah after reading this research you will realize that we are the true followers of our Salaf and we are the true Ahlul Hadith. unlike some self claimed pseudo ahle hadith and salafi kharjis.

NOTE: I will write a very detailed article on this narration in some time discussing every thing in extensive details. I will also cover other objections raised against this authentic narration in my coming soon article.

In this article I will only talk about the authentication of the chain of narration, because this is more important. its importanter. Albaani, that british dog knew of only 1 thing, anything that proves the High and Lofty status of our Prophet, the most beautiful creation of Allah, the most beloved of Allah sallallaho aleh wasallam he would call it either fabricated or weak. because Allah had stamped their hearts no wonder they wasted their whole life barking against the blessed status of our Prophet.

All credits goes to Asad Al Tahavi, he completed the research professionally without leaving the bounds set by our Pious scholars of jarh wa tadeel. 

His Page => //

Lets look at the chain first, then we will tell you why its an authentic chain and NOT a weak chain.

حدثنا أبو النعمان ثنا سعید بن زید ثنا عمرو بن مالک النکری حدثنا أبو الجوزاء أوس بن عبد اللہ قال :قحط أہل المدینۃ قحطا شدیدا فشکوا إلی عائشۃ فقالت انظروا قبر النبی صلی اللہ علیہ و سلم فاجعلوا منہ کووا إلی السماء حتی لا یکون بینہ وبین السماء سقف قال ففعلوا فمطرنا مطرا حتی نبت العشب وسمنت الإبل حتی تفتقت من الشحم فسمی عام الفتق قال حسین سلیم أسد :رجالہ ثقات وہو موقوف علی عائشۃ

Al-Daarimi said: Abu’l-Nu’maan told us, Sa’eed ibn Zayd told us, ‘Amr ibn Maalik al-Nakri told us, Abu’l-Jawza’ Aws ibn ‘Abd-Allaah said: The people of Madeenah were faced with a severe drought. They complained to ‘Aa’ishah who said: “Look at the grave of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and make an opening facing the sky so that there will be no barrier between him and the sky.” They did that, then it rained until the plants grew and the camels grew exceedingly fat, and it was called the year of the exceedingly fat animals.  

REMEMBER: Ibn Hajar Asqalani r.a considered this narration to be AT LEAST HASSAN grade. PROOF IS BELOW

Now lets authenticate.

First Objection.

This is a weak isnaad which cannot be used as evidence for three reasons:

1 – Sa’eed ibn Zayd, who was the brother of Hammaad ibn Yazeed, has some weakness. Al-Haafiz said concerning him in al-Taqreeb: he is sadooq (truthful) but confused. Al-Dhahabi said in al-Mizaan: Yahya ibn Sa’eed said: (he is) weak. Al-Sa’di said: It is not evidence; they regard his hadeeth as weak. Al-Nasaa’i and others said: He is not strong. Ahmad said: There is nothing wrong with him; Yahya ibn Sa’eed did not like him.

Lets see what Imam Dhahabi r.a actually wrote in his Al Kashif(this book can be downloaded from this website)

Imam Dhahabi r.a in his Al Kashif said, accusing Sa’eed ibn Zayd of weakness is not appropriate because Imam Muslim r.a has narrated from him and Imam yahya ibn maeen r.a called him THIQA.

Ibn Hajar Asqalani r.a writes for him:

، قال البخاری :حدثنا مسلم قال :حدثنا سعید بن زید أبو الحسن صدوق حافظ

Imam Bukhari r.a writes that Muslim Ibn Ibrahim narrated to us that Sa’eed ibn Zayd is Sudooq(Truthful) and Hafiz.

یحیی بن معین :ثقۃ ، و قال عباس الدوری

Imam Abbas Doori r.a narrates from Ibn Ma’een that Saeed ibn Zayd is Thiqa.

Imam ‘Ajli says he is Basri Thiqa.

Imam Abu Zur’a says that I heard Sulaiman bin harb saying Saeed narrated to us and he is Thiqa.

Ibn Sa’ad Called him Thiqa.

Abu Jafar Darmi says Hibban ibn Halal called him Hafiz.

It’s clear as sky now that Albaani that Khabees was lying to save his Wahhabism and lie filled salafism. This narration is not WEAK and we follow Imam Dhahabi r.a Alhumdulillah. who is more Salafi now?! lolz

2nd Objection:

The report is mawqoof and stops at ‘Aa’ishah, and it is not attributed to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). Even if it were saheeh it would not count as evidence, because it may be that it comes under the heading of ijtihaad of some of the Sahaabah who may make a mistake or get it right, so we are not obliged to follow it.


Just 1 question, where did they get this rule from? which Hadith book? which true salaf us salihoon said this? which Jarh wa ta’deel book? which Usool book? turns out wahhabis follow their whims! Companions followed their Ijtihad 100s of times, so wahhabis, are you ready to leave all of that? looks like these uneducated wahhabis forgot even a wrong ijtihad earns you a good deed(hadith)

this is all they can do, childish drama and stuff and crying and moaning. Did you read their claim?

saHaBa cAn mIsTaKeS we ArE nOt ObLiGeD lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Narration clearly SAYS that it Rained after that and that year was called the year of the exceedingly fat animals. Astagfirullah, a Wahhabi says but does not understand and reflect. Can you believe it? any sane person can figure it out that even if this was a IJTIHAD it still worked. their claim went into vain. If Sahaba could make mistakes then why do you call yourselves Salafi because Salaf was more like to make mistakes and they did, turns out their in their hatred, they have become insane and mad and slaves of Iblees. Look i could write 2-3 articles merely on discussing these issues but this has to do with one’s intellect so I leave to you, this is not even an issue but Subhan Allah look at their corrupt mindset, when a narration goes against their Satanic beliefs then even Companions will not be trusted, even our own Mother, Hadrat Ayesha radiallahu tala anha. Astagfirullah may Allah burn these wahabis in the deepest parts of the Hell, say aameen.

3rd Objection by uneducated uncultured Wahhabi Pigs

Abu’l-Nu’maan is Muhammad ibn al-Fadl who is known as ‘Aarim. Although he is thiqah (trustworthy), he became confused towards the end of his life. Al-Haafiz Burhaan al-Deen al-Halabi narrated it in al-Ightibaat bi man rumiya bi’l-Ikhtilaat following Ibn al-Salaah who mentioned him among the confused in his book al-Muqaddimah and said: The ruling concerning them is that the hadeeth of those who learned from them before they became confused may be accepted, but it may not be accepted from those who learned from them after they became confused or those concerning whom it is not known whether they learned from him before he became confused or after.

I (al-Albaani the british dog) say: it is not known whether al-Daarimi heard this report before he became confused or after, so it is not acceptable and cannot be quoted as evidence. LOLOL


OH REALLY!? lets see. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Abu Nu’man ‘Aarim, he is Muhammad bin Al Fadl Sadoosi.

Imam Dhahabi r.a in his Meezan Al Aitdal writes, He is a Shaikh of Imam Bukhari and he was good at memorizing Ahadith but in later age his memory became weak(and obviously he became confused ‘Mukhtalat).

All of you reading this, I ask you 1 question why didnt Albaani mention the saying of Imam Darqutni and Dhahabi? because he was afraid that his lie would be caught instantly.

Imam Dhahabi r.a further writes that Imam Darqutni said, He became confused towards the end of his life but we havent seen any MUNKAR NARRATION FROM HIM SO FAR and HE IS THIQA!!!!!!!! Subhan Allah, Albaani, liar. LANATI.

Imam Dhahabi r.a didnt stop there! he also REFUTED Imam Ibn Hibban on his saying that after becoming confused Abu Numan narrated MANY Munkar Narrations, but Dhahabi said IBN HIBBAN FAILED TO MENTION EVEN ONE OF THOSE MANY NARRATIONS!!!!! Subhan Allah DONT FORGET that Ibn hajar asqalani considered this narration of window on prophet’s grave as HASAN!

How to hurt wahhabis? Imam Dhahabi r.a was a Barelvi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Wait!! wait i have more salt to put on the wounds of these kharji wahhabis.

Imam Iraqi r.a in his Al Taqyeed Wal EeDah, ACCEPTED the saying of Imam Dhahabi and Dhahabi further clarified this issue of his confusion in his AL Kashif that he became confused towards the end of life(almost literally), but he didnt narrate any narration(this is also the reason why Ibn hibban failed to mention even one of these).  So the whole drama and wahhabi’s moaning that he became confused therefore hadith is weak is GONE. Yes. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

So as you can see we have clarified all of the issues in chain, now there’s not even a single half baked doubt left that this chain is weak.

Here’s the Takhreej, little bit of what we could find.

  1. Ash Shifa of Qadi Iyaad r.a
  2. Khasais Al Kubra of Imam Suyuti r.a
  3. Manahil of Imam Suyuti, Takhreej of Ash Shifa, he says, Ibn Abi Usama narrated this in his Musnad from Bakr bin Abdullah and Muzni and Bazzar narrated this in their Musnad from abdullah ibn Mas’ud via AUTHENTIC CHAINS!!!!!
  4. Muzni’s Musnad – authentic chain according to imam suyuti
  5. Musnad Al Bazzar – authentic chain according to imam suyuti
  6. Mulla Ali Qari accepted above saying in his Shrah of Shifa
  7. Imam Khaffaji accepted this in Shrah of Shifa
  8. Ibn Jawzi in his Al Wafa
  9. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Imam Taqi Ud Din Subki, how do you like him Wahhabis? 😀 HAHA! in his Shifa As siqaam
  10. Wahhabi’s Favorite, ahmed bin abdul hadi in his Al Sarim al manki he also said chain is authentic.

Total 10 references.

In the next article, i will post some authentic chains reaching back to Salaf and their pracitce of going literally going to the graves of PIOUS WALIULLAH to pray. that post will completely destroy the Wahhabi Satanic Beliefs. in shaa allah. also from Khatib Baghdadi, yes i will post from his book as well ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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