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In this post I will tell you what the great Imam, Hasan Ibn Salih thought of the greatest of the four Imams Imam Abu Hanifa RadiAllahu Anhu.

حدثنا ابو یعقوب حدثنا إسحاق بن أحند الحلبي قال نا سليناٌ بن يوسف قال نا يحيى بن آدم قال سمعت الحسن بن صالح يقول كان النعمان بن ثابت فهما عالما متثبتا في علمه إذا صح عنده الخبر عن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم لم يعده إلى غيره

Thiqa Imam Yahya ibn Adam says that he heard Hasan ibn Salih saying that Abu Hanifa was an intelligent scholar and Strong(Thabt) in his knowledge. Whenever a Sound/authentic hadith reached him, he would leave everything else and cling onto it.


  1. Hafidh ul Maghrib, Imam Ibn Abdul Barr THIQA
  2. Muhaddith of Makka Abu Yaqoob bin Ahmed THIQA
  3. Abu Yaqoob Ishaq Bin Ahmed Halbi Thiqa SUDOOQ H321 – Kitab As thiqat of Al Qasim.
  4. Hafidh Sulaiman bin Saif Al Harrani H272 Famous thiqa, Hafidh al hadith – Taqreeb 2571
  5. Hafidh Yahya bin Adam narrator of Bukhari and Muslim Shareef
  6. Imam Hasan bin Salih Narrator of Sahih Muslim, Thiqa, Faqihya and Aabid!! Taqreeb 1250

These are the narrators and as you can see, this sanad is MUTTASIL/Connected and all the narrators in Thiqa/Sudooq no weakness in them, and that means this chain is authentic and now it has been proven that Hasan Bin Salih considered Imam Al Adham Noman Bin Thabit Abu Hanifa as a Thiqa Narrator in Hadith! Subhan Allah! This will also serve as a refutation for those who say abu hanifa r.a was weak in hadith lol

As a Bonus! Read This as well!!

“Al-Khatib has narrated from Sufyan ibn ‘Uyaynah that he said, ‘The first to sit me down for hadith in Kufa was Abu Hanifah.’ Sufyan said, ‘He is the most knowledgeable of the people with regards to the hadiths of ‘Amr ibn Dinar.’ From this, his high worth in hadiths can also be understood. And why not? He was consulted regarding al-Thawri and would sit Ibn ‘Uyaynah down. It is narrated from Hasan ibn Salih that ‘Abu Hanifah — may Allah be pleased with him — would thoroughly investigate the abrogater (nasikh) from the abrogated (mansukh), he knew the hadiths of the ‘ulama of Kufa, he stringently followed that which the scholars did, and he knew well that which reached him through the ‘ulama of his city.’

Research NOT DONE BY ME. i merely translated it.

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