Salafi Zubair Zai Lie on Qasim Ibn Qutlubugha Hanafi | Jarh Wa Tadeel

In this post we shall be exposing more lies of the corrupt, Lanati and Liar Zubair Ali Zai, yes the favorite of Najdis and Wahhabis! I will prove the commendation of the Hanafi Muhaddith and Faqih, Qasim Ibn Qutlubugha rahmatullah aleh.

Note: these words i.e H867 etc mean their date of passing away, H means Hijri and then date is mentioned.

Qasim ibn Qutblubha

His name is Zayn al-Dīn Abū al-‘Adl Qāsim ibn Qutlūbughā al-Jamālī al-Hanafī, better known as ‘Allāmah Qāsim. He was born in Cairo in 802 AH where he lived until his demise in Rabī‘ al-Ākhir 879 AH. Growing up as an orphan, he began his studies at a tender age and would occupy himself with tailoring, but eventually focused on acquiring knowledge – after exerting himself therein, he shone and showed brilliance. He began his literary career early, authoring his first book at the age of 18 on inheritance. From a galaxy of teachers, his most prominent teacher in Hadīth was Hāfiẓ Ibn Hajar and in Fiqh and legal theory Sirāj al-Dīn Qāri’ al-Hidāyah and al-Kamāl Ibn al-Humām. His student Hāfiẓ al-Sakhāwī said:

His dedication increased by frequenting the company of Ibn al-Humām. From 825 AH to Ibn al-Humām’s demise in 861 AH, he studied every book that was taught in his circle and learnt the most from him. The books he studied include the first quarter of his commentary on al-Hidāyah, part of Tawdīh of Sadr al-Sharī‘ah, and the entire al-Musāyarah (of Ibn al-Humām). […] He also studied books of Arabic literature and poetry, memorizing a significant portion thereof. In Al-Sakhāwī, al-Daw’ al-Lāmi‘, vol.6, p.185.

Below, I’m giving the names of the scholars who have authenticated and praised Ibn Qutlubgha.

1.Hafidh Ibn Hajar Asqalani r.a said:

  الایثار بمعرفتہ الاثار : الشیخ الفاضل المحدث الکامل الاوحد

He also called him Aalim, Allama, Al Muhaddith Al Faqih al Hafidh ref: al-Daw’ al-Lāmi, Ibn Hajar also Learned from from Ibn Qutlubgha, he wrote and heard from him as well.

2. Student of Ibn Hajar, Hafidh Al Madhab,  Imam Sa’ad Ud Deen Ibn Deeri H867 called him:
Ash Shaikh, al Alim Al Zakii ref: al-Daw’ al-Lāmi vol 6 pg 185

3. Ibn Hammad Al Hanbali H1087 called him:
Ash Shaikh al Allama Al Mufannan Al Allamat al shamsi etc ref: Shadhrat al dhahab vol 9 pg487-486

4. Historian Zain Ul Deen Al Malti H920 wrote:
Al Faqih Al Muhaddith ref: Nail ul amal Fi Dhail al Dawl vol 7 pg 102

5. Shamsuddin Ibn Al Ghazee H1167 wrote:
Al Imam Al Allama Al Faqih ref:Diwan Ul Islam vol 4 pg 41

6. Imam Sakhawi H902 wrote in length regarding and praised him a lot in his book al-Daw’ al-Lāmi

7. Qadhi Shawkani H1250 said:
Ibn Qutlubgha learned a lot of and had mastery on many branches of knowledge. No one was born like him after him(yes thats what he said) ref: Al Badr Al Taal’e vol 2 pg 45

8. Historian Najm Ud Deen Ghazee wrote:
Ash Shaikh Al Imam Allama Al Muhaddith ref:Al Kawakib Al Saira vol1 pg 101

9. Allama Abdul Hayy al Kittani H1382 wrote:
Al Hafidh Al Imam ref: Fahris Faharis vol 2 pg972

10. Faqih Ibn Najeem Al Misry H920 wrote:
Ash Shaikh, Al Allamat ur Raees ref: Bahr ur Raiq vol3 pg250

11. Ibn Iyyas H930 wrote:
He was a great Aalim, Faadil, Faqih and Muhaddith, he was from the giants muftis of Ahnaaf ref: Badai Al Zahoor vol3 pg 97

12. Imam Taqiuddeen Maqreezi H845 wrote:
he wrote many books, was faqih muaddith etc red: al-Daw’ al-Lāmi vol 6 pg189

13. Hafidh Ridwan bin Muhammad alQahiri H845 wrote:
Qasim was very knowledgeable among the Ahnaaf, has written many beneficial books and benefited many people. al-Daw’ al-Lāmi vol 6 pg189

14. Imam Ahmad Bin Muhammad Bin umar al Hamsi H934 wrote:

Al Muhaqqiq, Al allama al Mufannan etc ref: Hadaith al zamaan vol 1 pg205

15. Ibn Aabideen wrote:

Al Hafidh and many praises etc ref Raddul Muhtaar vol1 pg53

These were the 15 commendations we could find and now we shall see his works he wrote on Jarh wa Tadeel.

He has written a great deal on the books of Ilm al Rijaal, Takhreej, Jarh wa Tadeel and Uloom al Hadith and the names of these books, can be found below. i am giving you the names of his books in a picture i am not gonna write the names of his books.

Ibn Qutlubgha’s Books on Uloom al Hadith and commentary:

+ 5 More couldnt capture those in the screenshot.

His books on Ilm al Rijaal

His books on Takhreej

Now Lies Of Zubair Ali Zai Biddati Kharji Lanati

If you have read everything i have written here then you would know and would have no problem understanding that Ibn Qutlubugha was a Giant in knowledge, and the thing is, some Kharji couldnt digest it. Zubair Zai, staunched najdi LANATI, to save his you-know-what he lied.

In his book ” Namaz main haath bandhne ka huqum or maqam pg27″ he quoted the Jarh of Baqai’s statement that Ibn Qutlubugha was a Liar astagfirullah, why you may ask? well just 1 simple reason, because Ibn Qutlubugha researched on a Nuskha of Musannaf of Ibn abi Shayba. Sounds unbelievable right? yea. but its the truth. Ibn Qutlubugha mentioned a narration from a ” Qalmi Nuskha of Ibn Abi Shayba  in his book Ta’areef Wal Akhbar ” and in blind and ugly hatred this pig zubair zai did jarh on him. may Allah increase his Azaab on this salafi najdi dog.

Words of Imam Baqai H855 writes:

” He had expertise in a lot of branches of knowledge specially Fiqh, Hadith and Usool etc” . Then he says ” no one like him came (in Hanafi Fiqh) after he passed away but he was a Liar(lol) he wouldnt think before speaking so we can not trust him ” Ref: al-Daw’ al-Lāmi vol 6 pg186

But when it comes to Usool Jarh wa Tadeel this Jarh is outrightly rejected, thrown into trash! Because of many reasons.

1.One should understand that Imam Baqa’i made Takfeer of Ibn Arabi r.a and Ibn Farid and Ibn Qutlubugha on the other hand defended them immensely. and YES, this is the only reason he called him a Liar can you believe it?! This is the reason we can not take this Jarh because this was their personal matter. this has no place in Usool.

Even Imam Sakhawi r.a rejected this useless Jarh, A Salafi scholar also said the same in his research on thiqaat lil qasim in muqaddima. Lets see what Baqai’s student has to say:

Muhadith Abdul Qadir bin Muhammad Naeemi writes:
Our shaikh Burhan ud deen Baqai has done a lot of INJUSTICE in his book ‘Anwan ul ‘Anwan”  ref: Ad Dras Fi Tarikh Al Madaris pg33 also read ۶۲:الحرح والتعدیل للسبکی ص

Baqai went against the usool and called Ibn Qutlubugha a liar but turns out he was himself not good. othe rMuhadditheen not only refuted him but they also wrote complete books on him, exposing him! Imam Sakhawi, Imam Suyuti and many other giants wrote in length against this guy.

One Zubair Zai, MANY FACES

Before i am done, i want to show you his ugly side. In one place this najdi dog zubair zai writes:
” Its not a big deal for us whether some Muhaddith says so and so is a liar(even tho it’s a Jarrah Mufassar) or called him a weak what matters to us is IJMA and what Jamhoor muhadditheen say regarding such narrator. ” His Maqalat vol 6 pg143

did you read this? if thats the case then why didnt care about 15 muhadditheen praising him and just took some random self claimed muhaddith calling him a liar?


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