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In this short article lets look at what the great imam Hafidh Abu Abdul Rahman al Maqri r.a said regarding the greatest of the 4 Imams Imam Abu Hanifa! This post will also serve as a refutation to every one who degrades imam abu hanifa. We will also soon come to all the narrations degrading abu hanifa and lebeling him as a Murji’ah. In Shaa Allah 🙂

Khateeb Baghdadi H463 narrates in his Tarikh:

Whenever Imam Hafidh Abu Abdur Rahman Al Maqri narrated any Hadith from Abu Hanifa he would say ” king of prophetic narrations narrated to us ” Subhan Allah.

Reference: Tarikh Baghdad Vol13 page443


  1. Khateeb Baghdadi – thiqa – thiqaat lil qaasim
  2. Abu Bashr al wakeel and in his Mutab’e from Abu Fath al Zabee Khateeb Baghdadi writes that i have written from both of these narrations and their Sama’a(hearing) is SAHIH/proven. Tarikh baghdad vol4 page64 and vol10 pg462
  3. Umar bin ahmed al Wadee also known as Imam Shaheen H385
  4. Muhammad bin Makhdhoom
  5. Bashr bin Moosa – Thiqa Tarikh baghdad vol13 pg133
  6. Abu Abdur Rahman al Maqri – Thiqa refs: Tarikh baghdad vol13 pg133

Muhammad bin Makhdhoom is real name is Muhammad bin Ahmed bin Makdhoom but he is weak as stated by Imam Dhahabi in his Tarikh Al Islam vol7 pg748, then how can we say this statement of Al Maqri is authentic? because this has also been narrated by another chain from Al Maqri.

Thiqa, Thabt, Imam and Hafidh Abu Qasim bin Abi Awam narrated and said “whenever Al Maqri narrates from abu hanifa he would say Aalam Ul Faqiya abu hanifa narrated this to us”. Ref: Fadail Abu Hanifa lil ibn abi Awam pg82 Chain HASSAN.

In this narration thiqa, Thabt Hafidh Muhammad bin ahmad al hammad known as Hafidh ABu Bashr alDolaabi  is the Mutab’e of Muhammad ibn Makhdhoom. So we have a Thiqa Mutab’e of this narration and any Jarh on ibn makhdhoom is rendered pointless and useless.

Jazak Allah Khayra! wassallam!

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