Researching Kitab Al Athar of Imam Abu Hanifa via Abu Yusuf

In this article we shall prove that Kitab Al Athar is proven from Imam Abu Yusuf r.a.
Kitab Al Athar is actually a book of Hadith that was written by Imam Abu Hanifa r.a and his many students narrated this book from him and Imam Abu Yusuf r.a is one of his such students. Then, many scholars narrated this book Kitab Al Athar from Abu Yusuf and from those who narrated the book, is his own Son, Imam, Faqih Qadhi Yusuf bin Abu Yusuf H198.

H+numbers means date of their passing away i.e Abu Yusuf H198 & SS means SUWAAD of Arabic & Kh means KHA of Arabic.

Imam Abdul Qadir alQarshi states:
Imam Yusuf bin abi yusuf has narrated this(book) through Abu Yusuf from Abu Hanifa and it is one gigantic volume.
Ref: Al Jawahir Al Madiya vol2 pg235

furthermore, Kitab al athar narrated through abu yusuf also has this clarification in the present Nuskha(manuscript) that the son of Abu yusuf narrated it. Reader may also take note that Imam yusuf bin abu yusuf is also a trustworthy, Sudooq.

Thiqa Imam Abu Bakr Muhammad bin Khalf bin Abi yahya aka Wake’e Qadhi H310 writes in his famous book “Akhbar ul Qada”
Abu Abdullah Al Hawari states that Imam yusuf bin abu yusuf was modest, trustworthy and Sudooq. His father Imam Abu Yusuf taught him great deal of his own books and Imam Yusuf bin abu yusuf knew & mastered matters of Qada more than Abu Yusuf and his intellect and Memory knew no limits! This confirms that Imam yusuf bin abu yusuf was a trustworthy & Sudooq narrator Ref: Akhbarul Qada vol3 pg257

Imam of Jarh wa Tadeel Hafidh Khalifa bin Khayyaat H240:
He mentioned Qadhi Yusuf bin Abu Yusuf among the muhadditheen of Baghdad! This has proven that he was a Muhaddith as well.
Ref: alTabaqat Lil Hfidh Khalifa pg614

Imam Umro bin abi umro H238 has also narrated this book from Imam Abu Yusuf, His narrated manuscript of kital al athar was copied by Imam Al Khuwarzami H665 with the name of Nuskha Abu Yusuf and even mentioned the connected chain to the manuscript.
Ref: Jami Al Masaneed vol1 pg75

Chain of the narrators is:
Imam Muhammad bin Mahmood alKhuwarzami H665 – Sudooq
Imam alQarshi, Imam dhahabi, Imam Qasim ibn Qutlubugha called him Imam and Khateeb. Allama Mustafa Haji Khalifa H1067 introduces him as Al Shaikh Al Imam Abu Muaid Muhammad bin Mahmood bin Muhammad bin al hassan al khuwarzami Al Hanafi Al Khateeb!
Allama Khairudden Dharkali called him “FAQIH” Ref: Tarikh al Islam vol14 pg790

Imam Dhahabi narrated a hadith from the Nuskha of Abu Yusuf(narrated from Umro bin abi umro) via his own chain in his Mu’jam alShuyookh Al Kabeer lil Dhahabi vol1 pg 400 this narrated hadith can be found in the current Kitab al Athar via Abu Yusuf Hadith number #18

Chain of the narrators:
1. Imam Dhahabi – no introduction needed.
2. Faqih Abu Umar And al azeed ibn Muhammad al Aqeeli H711 – Thiqa
3. Ibn Khaleel in this chain is Imam Yusuf bin Khaleel Abu Al Hajjaj al Dimashqi Thiqa Sudooq H648 ref Tarikh al Islam vol14 pg610
4. Imam Abdul Khaliq bin Abdul Wahab Al SSabooni H592 THIQA Seer Alam Al Nubala v21 p274
In his Mutab’e Shaikh Abdul Qasim Abdur Rahman bin Nasrullah is also MAQBOOL.
5. Qratkeen bin Al As’ad 524 THIQA – reason being the authentication that came from Abul Qasim bin Asakir H571 and Imam Abdur Rahman bin Asakir H610 called his narration as HASSAN+SAHIH. Ref: dham Min La yamalu be amalihi vol1 pg31 – Hafidh alNe’al alBaghdadi H659 also called his narratio as SAHIH. Ref: Masheekh Ne’aal Al Baghdadi pg129
6. Muhaddith Abu Muhammad Hassan Bin Ali Al Johari H454
7. Imam Abu Bakr Muhammad bin Abdullah alAbhari H375
8. Hafidh Abu ‘Urooba Hussain bin Muhammad Modood Al Harrani H315
9. ‘Umro bin Abi Umro
10 Imam Abu Yusuf

A Wahabi Najdi Salafi Kharjite Allegation ANSWERED BELOW:

Salafi Terrorist Pseudo Muhaddith Zubair Zai said:
The venom he had in his blackhole type black heart lost control like totally and he in his ugly hatred said that Imam Al Khuwarzami forged the chain of Abu Yusuf’s Umro Bin Abi Umro of Kitab al Athar lil Qadhee Ref: Maqalat Zubair Zai vol1 pg546. Astagfirullah. I pray to Allah that he INCREASES his TORMENT in the Hellfire!

But you see, the thing is black heart cant see stuff we all normal beings see. This terrorist CULT pseudo Ahle Hadith group should also throw some cheap fatwas on Imam Dhahabi, because he also narrated it through that same chain! what the heck r u saying Najdis

I shall not stop writing and i will try my best to expose these kharjis najdis and the likes of Zubair Zai Lanati! stay tuned for more educational posts!

NOTE:!!!! this research isnt mine i have merely translated it.

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