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Today in this short post, we will try to prove what the great imam Abu Yahya al Hamani thought of Imam abu Hanifa r.a. It’s a commendation directly coming from a great Imam who met the likes of Thawri and abdullah ibn mubarak alhumdulillah and you will be surprised to see what he said for Abu Hanifa!

Narration goes as:
Abu Yahya alHamani H202 states that I’ve never seen a person better than Imam Abu Hanifa Ref: Musnad Abu Hanifa narrated by Nuyaim pg21

Chain of the narrators and commendation:
1. Imam Abu Nuyaim Famous THIQA – Thiqaat lil Qaasim
2. Ali Bin Ahmed bin Abi Ghasan alDaqiqi – THIQA Imam Abu Nuyaim has called his narration SAHIH check Al Musnad al Mutakhraj vol2 pg391
3. Jafar bin muhammad bin Moosa alNishapuri – THIQA HAFIDH – Ref Isrshad al QaSSi pg243
4. Ali bin Muslim al Toosi H253 – THIQA narrator of Bukhari ref:Taqreeb 4799
5. Abu Yahya Abdul Hameed alHamani H202 narrator of bukhari and muslim, Sudooq and Hasan al Hadith Ref: Tehreer Taqreeb ut Tehzeeb 2/300

One more thing is, that Imam alHamani met great THIQA imams like Abdullah ibn Mubarak, Sufyan al Thawri and Sufyan ibn Uyaina but he still said that he has never met anyone like Imam Abu Hanifa radiallahu anhu, this is a highest Tawtheeq from Al Hamani! this Tawtheeq is like the commendation words of ” La ‘Arafu Lahu Nazeer’

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