Imam Mofiq Khuwarzimi & Manaqib Imam Abu Hanifa Research

In this post we shall look into the authenticity of the author of a famous book called Manaqib Imam Abu Hanifa and we shall prove that he was a Sudooq narrator and his book and narrations are accepted! If you are a reader of my website then you may already know this, if you love Imam Abu Hanifa r.a you are a biddati, motazali and etc etc etc near pseudo salafis and ahle hadees.

Imam Mofiq bin Ahmed al Makki al Khuwarzimi 

1. Imam Abu Sa’ad al Sam’aani H562 says for Mofiq: he was Khateeb Fadhil Adeeb.[enf_note]Al Mukhtathar al Mohtaj Pg349[/efn_note]
2. Imam Dubethi H637: Fadhil Adeeb [enf_note]Al Mukhtathar al Mohtaj Pg349[/efn_note]
3. Imam Jamaluddin Abul Hassan alQaftti H646: He had a deep knowledge of Fiqh and Adab and he was Adeeb and Fadhil. 1
4. Allama Haji Khalifa H1067: Shaykh, Imam, Khateeb, Fadhil Adeeb and Faqih!  2
5. Hafidh Salahuddin SSafdi H764: He had a great status in Arabic, had deep knowledge, Faqih, Fadhil, Adeeb and he was a poet! 3
6. Imam Dhahabi says: He was Khateeb, Allama, FaSSih 4

Alhumdullilah, we hope this is enough to establish that Imam Mofiq was no doubt a Sudooq Muhaddith and pseudo Salafi’s Jarrah on him is useless and discarded!

Zubair Zai Kharji while authenticating a report writes for a narrator Abbas bin Yusuf H314 that Khateeb and Ibn Jawzi said “He was Virtues and devout”. Zubair Kharji then writes, he was after 3rd Hijri and if theres no Jarrah found on a famous scholar after 3rd hijri then his direct Tawtheeq/Commendation is not necessary but his good virtues, his Fiqa will be taken in consideration instead. If we find these things for such narrator then there’s no doubt that his narrations are at least of Hassan Grade and he himself is at least of Sudooq grade narrator. Ref: Idwa ul Masabih Pg251 

Zubair Zai’s hatred got the better of him and this ugly pig ended up writing that Imam Mofiq was a Rafidi lol and Motazili and because of this, he is Majrooh so therefore his whole book is useless and can not be trusted. Ref: Maqalat vol4 pg323

Do you remember what i said some times ago on this site? just write anything in love for abu hanifa and you will automatically become a rafidi biddati mushrik etc 😀 I hope Allah increases zubair zai’s azaab in Hell aameen!

Okay, but why would this pig, khajri zai said that he was a Motazili? well thats because he took Imam Kardari’s statement. He says, Mofiq was a Motazili and he used to (Tafdeel)put ‘Ali above all companions. Ref: Maqalat vol4 pg322

If we look at Zubair Zai’s objection, he doesnt say anything regarding him being a Thiqa or weak narrator, so does it mean Imam Mofiq was a thiqa narrator? 😀 What this pig zubair zai failed to understand is, is being a Motazili a Jarrah? then what about Motazili narrators narrating in Sahihayn? Zai himself accepted this in his Noor Al Ainayn Pg108 this simple proves they do to adhere to rules, when they see narrations and narrators against their nonIslamic beliefs, rules dont matter anymore. They will go out of bounds just like here, Zubair zai this pig himself said that we take the opinion of Jumhoor then except Imam Kardari, who called him a Motazili and Rafidi and this is not even a jarrah then why? we proved from 6 Muhadditheen above that he was at least SUDOOQ. and wait a minute, who said making Tafdeel of Hadrat ‘ali over all companions is considered being a rafidi?! JUST WHO!?!?!?


Ali bin al Ja’ad used to slander Companions specially then Hadrat Uthman, then zubair zai considered him to be Thiqa? Ref: ameen Okarvi ka Ta’aqub pg65. According to the self made rules of Zubair Zai Kharji, Imam Mofiq is no less than SUDOOQ. NOT ONLY THIS!, Zubair zai himself wrote if there’s a proof that a narrator is Sudooq or Thiqa then his being a Qadri,Motazili, Jahmi or Murja’i does not matter! Ref: Noor al Aynayn pg63 x) two faced snake zubair zai. be careful.

It is said for Imam Hakim that he was a RAFIDI, but see how Zubair Zai defends him:
He wrote in praise of Hadrat ‘Umar, Mugheera bin Sho’ba and Abu Sufyan and this is not possible for a Shi’a to write in virtues of these companions! Ref: Noor al Aynayn pg430

Maqalat vol1 pg410 he defends Imam Abdur Razzaak just like he defended Imam Hakim but because Imam Mofiq wrote in praise of Abu Hanifa he couldnt resist. I mean, when you are a ugly pig, horn of Satan thats you are supposed to do, throw away all the rules and do whatever you want.

Imam Mofiq proved that Imam Abu Hanifa did not consider Quran to be a Creation Manaqib al Makki pg465, this same is also proven from Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal via SAHIH Chain. 

Objection #2

Zubair zai khajri writes that Ibn Taimmiya & Dhahabi said:
Mofiq was not from Muhadditheen and we do not take proof from him in this knowledge, Dhahabi writes: I’ve seen his book on Fadail Ali and he has mentioned a lot of extremely weak reports in his book.

Then Zubair Zai writes in his Maqalat vol4 pg322 that after reading all of this, calling him a FaSSih, Fadhil, Allama Khateeb is useless. omg lol

  1. But what Zubair zai failed to understand is, according to HIS own logic and rules, Imam Mofiq is still a Sudooq narrator because JUMHOOR has authenticated him
  2. He is SUDOOQ, so his being a Jahmi, Motazili, Rafidi doesnt matter.
  3. Imam Mofiq was not even a Motazili, so its pointless anyway.
  4. Ibn Taimmiya wasnt doing jarrah on him, his words are not used for Jarrah. its against rules.
    For Example: Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal called Hammad bin Daleel al Madni H181 that he was not a Sahib ul Hadith but still took narrations from him see Tehzeeb ul Kamaal vol8 pg288
  5. Ibn Taimmiya was Mutashaddid(strict) as said ibn Ibn Hajar Lisaan al Meezan.
  6. Even the words of Dhahabi doesnt prove Mofiq was weak in hadith, according to real, original rules of Jarh wa Tadeel Alhumdulillah.

Imam Dhahabi while researching on a narration from Manaqib Ali of Imam Mofiq said that this narration is fabricated and did jarrah on Hussain bin Ghafeer al Mitri, didnt say anything against Imam Mofiq. Meezan al Aitdal vol1 pg517

Wait for my mega post, Is Zubair ali Zai reliable in Hadith? we will expose him 100% there and in shaa allah anyone with a sane and working mind will accept that zubair zai was a kharji mutassib biddati!

  1. Anbah ul Ravah Vol3 Pg332
  2. Salam al WaSSool vol3 pg306
  3. Baghiyatul Wa’ah Vol2 pg308
  4. Tarikh al Islam vol12 Pg400

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