Hammad ibn Zayd’s love for Imam Abu Hanifa

In this post, we shall prove what Imam Hammad Ibn Zayd H179 said regarding Imam Abu Hanifa and his love for him. in shaa allah.


Hafidh al Maghrib Imam Ibn Abdul Barr writes that Sulayman ibn Harb heard Hammad ibn Zayd saying “By Allah, I love Imam Abu Hanifa! because he loves Ayyub.” and Hammad narrated many ahadith from Abu HanifaRef:Al Itiqa lil Ibn Abdul Bar pg130

Authenticating Narrators

1. Ibn Abdul Barr H463 – THIQA1
2. Abu Yaqoob Yusuf bin Ahmed alSSaydlaani H388 – Sudooq – Hasan al Hadith
3. Hassan bin alKhidr alSSuyuti H361 –
4. Hafidh al Hadith Imam Abu Bashr alDolaabi H301 – THIQA 3
5. Muhammad bin Sa’adaan – SUDOOQ
6. Hafidh al Hadith Sulayman bin Harb – THIQA, Narrator of Sahihayn, Strong4

This narration further proves that:

  1. Imam Ayyub Sakhtiyaani loved Abu Hanifa
  2. Imam Hammad ibn Zayd also loved Abu Hanifa
  3. Hammad used to narrate from Abu Hanifa

What if someone says that there are some narrations where Imam Sakhtiyaani slandered Imam Abu Hanifa? well the answer is, Mutakhireen/Early masters of Jarh wa Tadeel did not trust those narrations neither they mentioned those narrations in their books. This actually proves that Hammad ibn Zayd, Abu Hanifa and Imam Sakhtiyaani were friendly and had no problems with each other at all. One may not forget that we have already written a beautiful post regarding Imam Sakhtiyaani’s love for Abu Hanifa already.

#2 Narration to put your heart at ease

Imam Abu Abdullah alSSumayri writes in his book that Abu Sulayman states Hammad Ibn Zayd narrated to us that we would go to ‘Umro bin Dinaar and he would(start) narrating Hadith to us and when Abu Hanifa would arrive, he would leave us and pay attention to Abu Hanifa(alone) until we request Abu Hanifa to ask ‘Umro to narrate Ahadith to us so he would say O Abu Muhammad narrate Hadith to them so he would start narrating again.
Ref: Akhbar Abu Hanifa wal Ashabihi pg80

All of the narrators of the above narration are THIQA/Sudooq and the chain is connected/MuttaSSil which means this narration is authentic as well! Alhumudlillah.

Note: Those who are going to search faults in Imam Abu Hanifa, know one thing before you literally waste your time:

ALL JARRAHS ON IMAM ABU HANIFA ARE MARDOOD. x) you cant do anything to degrade the greatest of the four imams and those who came after them! hope you are able to sleep after reading this n00bs.

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  4. Taqreeb #1498

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