Debate with a SUNNI RAFIDI on Ameer Muawiya R.A Sep 2019

Here’s the munazra that took place on somewhere before Sep 16, 2019, this debate was with a fake sunni but a true RAFIDI who crossed all of the boundaries of Ahlus Sunnah when he declared Ameer Muawiya r.a a Faasiq Astagfirullah, a La**** Astagfirullah and called him many names. But little did he know, slandering Ameer Muawiya, Allah misguided him and he in his book wrote against the beloved Shaykhayn i.e Abu Bakr & ‘Umar alaihumussalam! I dont want to write those words here! He considers anyone who defends Ameer Muawiya as a NASIBI straight on! Astagfirullah

Debate is in Urdu and info is:

Debate Topic: Slandering Ameer Muawiya and Quoting Lies in his book
Sunni Debater: Mufti Rashid Mahmood Rizvi(Giant in knowledge)
Rafidi Debater: Qari Zahoor Ahmad Faizi (Ugly Rafidi)
Conclusion: He Quoted lies and couldnt defend them

What was the need of the debate?

Basically, he calls himself a Sunni, and he is the servant of a miguided retard known as Dr. Tahir ul Qadri he is a RAFIDI as well, reading his books confirms this. The reason we call these two Rafidi is because they have no shame, in the name of the love of Ahlul Bayt, they have slandered Shaykhayn, Companions and Ameer Muawiya alaihumussalam.

Qari Zahoor wrote an infamous book called “Al Ahadith al Mawdo’a Fi Fadail Ameer Muawiya”. In this book he slandered Shaykhayn, Companions and Ameer Muawiya alaihumussalam. He made so many mistakes that it didnt even remain funny anymore. He openly attributed lies to Ibn Hajar, Imam Dhahabi and many others in this book.

Two books have already been written against this kharji’s book. their names are:
1. Al SSawarim al Haydriyya ala Manhir Ta’inu Muawiya الصوارم الحیدریہ علی منحر طاعن معاویہ
2. Al Ahadith al Riwaya li Muddah al Ameer Muawiya الاحادیث الراویہ لمدح الامیر معاویہ

These books have completely obliterated him, 100%.

Mufti Rashid Sahab is a giant in knowledge and he not only defended Ameer Muawiya’s blessed status but he utterly destroyed this Rafidi pig Faizi! Alhumdulillah.


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